roadxml road open format  for road networks roadxml road open format for  road networks

The RoadXML© is an open file format for the logical description of road networks. The RoadXML© format is supported by opensource projects dedicated to develop toolkit based on it source forge logo.

RoadXML© is also used by a wide community of users through their applications

The ambitions of the RoadXML© are:

  • To take part in the standardization of road network format in order to enhance the interoperability between the simulators.
  • To improve the content of road networks format to fulfill the objectives of future transport and travel with more respect to sustainable development and to build more realistic and efficient civil or military training applications.
  • To develop a unique gateway between driving simulators and traffic engineering applications.

So, join the RoadXML© community and give RoadXML© a push in the right direction to the road network standard.